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United Methodist Women

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Join Us!

UMW invites all women to join us in our mission to help women, children, and youth in our community. Through our service and pledges, we can make a difference in the lives of those around us.

It is our mission to:

  • Provide opportunities to grow spiritually
  • Equip women and girls to be leaders
  • Provide transformative educational experiences
  • Organize for growth and flexibility
  • Work for justice through service and advocacy

How We Serve

At FUMCFW, we support the following programs within our church and community:

UMW 2016 - 2017 Service Graphic

Here’s how UMW’s 2016 “Journey Through Faith” fundraiser benefited these organizations:

  • FUMCFW Children’s Ministries: $3,500
  • FUMCFW Youth Ministries: $1,000
  • Methodist Children’s Home: $3,000
  • United Community Centers: $2,000
  • Methodist Justice Ministry: $8,000
  • FSMM Food 4 Kids: $5,000

Letter from Sheryl

UMW_SherylDear Members,

There are no “dues” or membership fees in order to belong to United Methodist Women. Pledging is how we generate funds to pay for the operations of our local UMW, and to contribute to District UMW Mission Giving.

A “pledge” is a financial promise by each individual to contribute to UMW’s operating budget for the year. This is an amount determined by each individual member as her part of the total budget, and can be paid yearly, monthly, or however the member chooses. Pledges are generally made through Circle Treasurers and then forwarded to the UMW Treasurer, but they may be sent directly to the Treasurer.

Local UMW operational expenditures consist of expenses associated with UMW Sunday, monthly Luncheons & Programs, speaker/program honorariums, and other administrative and membership development costs. Funds from pledging sent to District UMW are in support of missions for women and children beyond our local community. Our local UMW sends 50 percent of our pledges as our Unit’s Pledge to Mission.

Our fundraising event does not go toward operational expenses or District Mission Giving. Those are funds that we raise in support of our local mission giving.

The amount of the pledge is not as important as the participation of every member. Together we make the difference. Challenge your Circle to be 100 percent!

Pledge — I celebrate and commit to supporting United Methodist Women’s local, national, and global mission outreach!

Faith, Hope, and Love in Action,


Sheryl Preston

Make Your Pledge

We appreciate your pledge to be a part of our UMW community, contribute your time and resources both locally and beyond, and help make a difference in so many lives. There are three ways to pledge:

  1. Your Circle Treasurer
  2. UMW Treasurer Sheryl Preston
  3. Online Giving


How to Join

All women are invited to join UMW. Just fill out the form below, or contact Megan Fahey ( or Emily Mehta (

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