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Children’s Academy Sunday School

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In the Fall, we enter our 13th semester of our Children’s Academy Sunday School for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Children enroll for a class and get to be in the same room, with the same teachers, all semester.

Some classes are designed for younger elementary (K – 1st) and some for older elementary (2nd – 4th). 5th Grade will have its own class this year, called High Five. While the subject areas are varied, each class will work from the same Bible story and memory verse each month. Academy is super-fun and content-rich!



Here is how our NEW Sunday morning schedule looks:

9:15 – 10:00 am
Singers in 3rd – 5th go to Junior Worship Leaders (Room 205)
Singers in K – 2nd go to Children’s Choir (Room 200)
Children in 3rd – 5th who choose not to sing go to Mission (Room 260)
Children in K – 2nd who choose not to sing go to Mission (Room 203)

10:00 – 10:50 am 
All children go to Academy Classes. Children will be brought to their classes by their teachers.

10:50 am
Parents sign out children from Academy Classes.

At 11:00 am the second floor of the Children’s Wing will essentially be closed. We are encouraging families to worship together in one of our many wonderful worship opportunities. We in Children’s are devoting a ton of energy and resources into making the 11:00 am Traditional service accommodating, meaningful, and spiritually fulfilling for families. 

2017 Fall Academy Class Catalog

The Visual Arts | K – 4th

Children paint, sculpt, mold, and build. Their work is featured throughout the Children’s Wing as well as in worship. This is no mere “Sunday School craft class.” These kids make art!

The Way | K – 4th

This has been such a popular “second hour” offering, we’ve made it an Academy class. For those who come to church for a slower, gentler pace, this class is for you. Children encounter weekly Bible stories through a range of experiences — storytelling, sand stations, journaling, art, and more.

Legos | K – 1st

This is always a popular class. Children build Bible scenes, make Lego prayer beads, run Lego Bible Verse relays, and even build on our two enormous Lego walls.

Mad Scientists | K – 1st

Is your child fascinated with how things work? It doesn’t get much more hands-on than Mad Scientists, where children explore the wonder of God’s world through numerous fun experiments, writing in their log books (prayer journals), and even taking care of live animals and plants.

Threadbare Puppet Studio | K – 1st

Our church has a national reputation for our innovative use of puppetry — from shadow puppets to giant processional puppets, to the beloved Wendell and Lorraine. Children build different kinds of puppets out of household objects, and even put on puppet shows.

Junior Jammers | K – 2nd

Children learn the great stories of our faith through drumming, music games, and instrument building. This class is very popular with kids who like to move!

Therapy Dogs |  2nd – 4th

A hit since they first joined us, our therapy dog teams are back! Children work with trainers and real therapy dogs each week. This class explores some of the many ways therapy dog teams exhibit the Christian traits — love, peace, patience, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance — we all should have. Because we have actual live dogs in this class, a requirement is that your child not be allergic to dogs.

Dig In | 2nd – 4th

This room is a real dig site! Children search for scripture tablets and Bible artifacts. They scour the entire Children’s Wing for hidden code breakers and clues. No two weeks are alike in Dig In. It’s Indiana Jones-meets-Sunday morning.

Guitar | 3rd – 4th

The two-time defending Pancake Party Champs are at it again! Children learn basic guitar chords as they jam to hymns, carols, and other fun Bible songs. 

High Five 5th

This year ALL our 5th Graders will have their own class. They will explore their faith through Testament, our creative journaling, and holy conversation curriculum. They will also have time to hang out with friends in a cool environment that they get to help design. This class is like Pre-Youth — loads of content, loads of fun.



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