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Prayer & Spiritual Formation

FUMCFW Prayer & Spiritual Formation Ministries offers many ways to get connected with our praying community. Recognizing that every person has unique gifts and callings, many of which emerge out of times of struggle and pain, we are here to encourage individual spiritual formation and disciplines that can become powerful influences on all aspects of the life-long faith journey.

For prayerful support and spiritual growth, this ministry provides opportunities for you to connect with our prayer community, in whatever way seems right for you. There are numerous prayer teams throughout the church.If you have special concerns, know that our prayer line is open day and night. You may call 817/339-3880 or email your concerns to — and you are welcome to leave your name or not. All prayer requests are kept confidential.

In addition, prayer request boxes are located in the Welcome Center, the Church Office and in Wesley Hall. Please contact Rev. Phyllis Barren ( at 817/339-5082, or Dr. Len Delony ( at 817/339-5099 for more information.

We invite you to join us in spiritual practices that can help deepen your awareness of God’s love and help discern your unique gifts and callings. For information regarding our dedicated spiritual practice groups devoted to helping deepen awareness of God’s presence and guidance throughout each day, please contact Dr. Len Delony ( at 817/339-5099.

These special prayer community opportunities include:

  • Centering Prayer
  • Lectio Divina or “Sacred Reading”
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • The Labyrinth

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