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Do You Consider Yourself a Theologian?

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Page HinesYou may not think of yourself as one, but I bet you are a theologian! If you have ever thought much about God, been curious about faith, or tried to understand the whole God thing — then you probably are a theologian. Theology is basically trying to wrap our heads, our hearts, and our hands around what we think and believe about God.

What we believe about God is not just for Sunday mornings or Bible study meetings. Theology influences our lives every day. Our understanding of God — who God is — influences how we see ourselves and how we treat one another, the way we see the world, our opinions regarding social issues, the way we worship, and so much more.

When we try to compartmentalize our understanding of God — our theology — to just a few times a week, say Sunday mornings, I believe we are missing the point. When we believe that there are areas of our lives in which decisions can be made by putting our understanding of God aside — labeling our faith impractical for some “real” life situations — we are misleading ourselves and others.

In everything we do, if we are willing to first examine the choices before us through the lens of our personal understanding of God, would that change what we choose? If we examined things like the way we spend money, support a charity or someone in need, or react to a co-worker based on our understanding of God — would that change how you respond?

I hope to worship with you this Sunday in DiscipleChurch beginning at 7:15 am in Wesley Hall with our community breakfast and then at 8:30 am in the Chapel.



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