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Online Member Directory


We are excited to announce the launch of our new FUMCFW Online Member Directory. Although we will be able to print a limited number of copies for those who aren’t digitally inclined, this mobile-friendly version of the classic church directory will offer new flexibility, functionality, and economy that will help us find one another and stay connected!

Here’s how it will work:

  • Go to Enter your username, or account email, and password, which has been sent to you by email. Once logged in, you will be able to create a new password.
  • Then click on “My Account” (upper right-hand corner) to customize your profile. Please note that this extremely flexible and user-friendly directory is organized by households; therefore you can include things like street address, additional email addresses, children’s names, Sunday School class and/or UMW Circle you belong to, occupation (two fields available for this!), and hobbies and interests (we’ve also offered two fields here; one for each adult in the household).
  • List as much or as little information as you would like to share with this password-protected church member directory; fields left blank will not show up in the online or printed directory. If you add nothing, only your name will appear in the online directory.
  • Next you may upload a photo. This, too, is optional. (If you do not wish for your photo to appear in the directory, a blank “family” avatar will remain as your photo holder in case you change your mind later!) This can be an individual, couple, or family photo in horizontal format. And please remember that you are free to change or update your household profile photo as often as you’d like.
  • Finally, if you wish, you can add a URL to your personal or business website, plus social media links (for example, if you add a link to your Facebook page that icon will appear under your information and someone wanting to connect with you on Facebook can simply click on the icon to go straight to your page). This social access is available for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Please take a few moments to set up and get acquainted with this powerful new connection tool for our church family (and visit the “Help” page if you have any trouble adding more information or uploading your family photo).

If you’re logged in to the directory and have questions about loading your information, please visit the “Help” page in the directory to request support.

Trouble logging in? Fill out the form below for assistance.


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