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First Street Methodist Mission

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Room in the Inn

Room in the Inn

Room in the Inn provides shelter to individuals who are homeless during the three coldest months (December, January and February) and the two hottest months (July and August) every year. First Street Methodist Mission along with First United Methodist Church, Fort Worth participates in Room in the Inn, offering shelter to 14 single men on Thursday evenings.

Room in the Inn is primarily run with the help of volunteers. Volunteers set up the facility, prepare the beds, make the meal, stay overnight and transport our guests to and from the Day Resource Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Training is required of all Room in the Inn volunteers and is held prior to each season of Room in the Inn.

Contact: Nancy Froman |


Or send your check to First United Methodist Church, 800 West Fifth Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102, with “Room in the Inn” designated in the memo line.

Volunteer Job Descriptions


Thursday 4:00 pm & Friday 7:00 am

Pick up the van at Budget on Texas & Henderson. Proceed to the Day Resource Center to pick up 6 guests and bring them to the Justin Youth Building. Return Friday morning to take our guests back to the Day Resource Center and then return the van to Budget.


Thursday 3:30 pm

The Set-Up position is a monthly rotation of volunteers who are willing to come to the Justin every Thursday evening for a (selected) month to assist with preparation for the evening/morning. Volunteers will: make sure all the supplies needed to make up the beds are available, prepare the shower/hygiene items, and set the table for the evening meal.

Prepare Beds

Thursday 3:30 pm

Put linens on 16 beds for our Room in the Inn guests and volunteers.


Thursday 4:30 pm

Our guests may have not had a lunch-time meal and not only do appetizers curb hunger, they help break the ice for the evening! We need volunteers to provide enough snack/appetizer type food for 12 guests and several volunteers.

Some ideas: Veggie tray, Queso and chips, cheese and crackers.

Dinner/Hospitality Volunteers

Arrive at Justin by 5:30 pm | Meal served by 6:00 pm

Hospitality ends at 9:30 pm*

Sign up to provide enough food to generously feed 30 people. The categories available are Bread, Salad, Main Course, Side Dish, and Dessert. We ask that you also provide any condiments needed. *If you are unable to stay for the hospitality part of the evening please let us know so we can make other arrangements.  

Overnight Volunteers

Arrive at Justin Thursday 5:00 pm | Depart Friday 7:30 am*

Overnight volunteers stay throughout the night with our guests in the Justin Building gym and help get our guests up for breakfast and their return to the Day Resource Center on Friday morning.*If you are unable to stay until 7:30 am on Friday morning please let us know so we can make other arrangements. 

Breakfast Volunteers

Arrive at Justin by 6:30 am | Meal Served by 6:45 am | Clean up after*

Breakfast Volunteers are asked to provide enough breakfast food — a breakfast casserole, fruit, cereal, juice and milk, and rolls or muffins — to generously feed 30 people. In addition, volunteers are asked to serve and clean up after the meal is over. *If you cannot stay for clean up, please let us know so that we can make arrangements. 

Linen Pick-up & Washing

Following Monday between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Pick up linens and wash, dry, and return clean linens to the Mission by the following Wednesday so that they are ready for the next Thursday evening.

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