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Mission Teams Ministries

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Kenya Orphan Endeavor

Since 2010, mission teams from FUMCFW have traveled to Meru, Kenya to assist Reverends Stella and Daniel Mwiti in their work with 250 orphans and vulnerable children. Your financial support of this ministry provides all of the children school uniforms which allows them to attend primary school. Additionally, for those children who qualify academically, our support provides secondary school tuition. Together, FUMCFW and the Kenyan Mission Team provide these children with educational opportunities that improve their chances for a brighter future.

Become part of this life-changing ministry — and discover how the life most changed could well be your own!

Make a donation today and change a life forever. There are a variety of ways you can help:

In Kenya, everyone walks to school; a pair of school shoes may be worn by many children until they are no longer wearable. Your one-time donation of $15 will buy a new pair of shoes to benefit many children.

Many of these children sleep every night on a bare dirt floor. Your $30 donation will provide a mattress and bedding for a child to sleep on.

To go to school each child is required to have a uniform. Your one-time donation of $50 will provide a school uniform for one student.

Children who are unprepared for secondary education must learn a vocation to ensure their future livelihood. Your one-time donation of $250 will provide for a year of vocational training for one student.

Secondary school, grades 9 – 12 is a rare opportunity for these vulnerable children. Your one-time donation of $500 will ensure a full year of secondary education for one student.

Contact: Rev. Chuck Graff | | 817-339-5065.


Or send your check to First United Methodist Church, 800 West Fifth Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102, with “Kenya” designated in the memo line.

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