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Janet Ball

Financial Secretary

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Janet BallContact Janet:

Janet started working for the church after introductions through a family member. “Through watching the service on TV in the 80s with my family, I became aware of the wonderful things the church did.”

Janet has worn a lot of hats at FUMCFW. Beginning in 1988, she held a variety of positions in the Children’s and Parent’s Day Out Departments. Then in 2002 she was offered a place in the Business Office. Her favorite part of her current role is all the detail work she enjoys doing.

When Janet’s not spending time with family and friends, you can find her reading, sewing, and working on crafts. She lives in northern Tarrant County with Kelley, her husband of 37 years. Their daughter, Ginnie, and her husband, Trey, were married at FUMCFW in 2013, and they live right around the corner. Janet and Kelley still have their boys at home: two 12-year-old cats named Leo and Foley, along with a German Shepherd named Kaiser.

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