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Lisa Helm

Director of Welcoming Ministries

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Lisa HelmContact Lisa:

I have been at FUMCFW for three years and was initially hired as the Communications Production Manager. In that capacity, I pulled in all the information for each job, from every ministry, and followed them through to completion. I also wrote copy for the Newsletter and all church media and in a pinch, did some very basic graphic design. In my new position as the Director of Welcoming Ministries, I am still in the Communications Department and I still write for the various church media. But in this new role, my job is to connect the different aspects of fellowship to ensure all who enter our campus feel welcome, safe, and cared for by our Church — on Sundays and beyond. I was born in San Angelo, where I graduated from San Angelo Central High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from The University of Texas. I actually worked with Communications Director Melinda Smoot when we were both just beginning our careers. I had been thinking about calling Melinda to talk about freelance writing. Melinda had been at FUMCFW for about a month and was told she could hire some help — she actually told some people that she needed to get me to come to work for her. We ran into each other while we were shopping, she asked me to come interview (which took 15 minutes), and I’ve been here ever since! I like to cook, travel, read and spend time with family and friends. My husband, Tommy, and I have two girls: Catherine who is 24 and lives in New York and Meredith who is 21 and currently attending the University of Oklahoma.

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